A very effective marketing solution is a technique that involves selling products (or services) that complement each other. This is so called cross selling.

Frequently, we sale new products or services to our Customer’s base of existing Customers. Another interesting solution is to sale complementary product or service to the base of another Customer of ours, providing that both our Customers agree for such activities.

Our Team has worked on many Projects of this type. In some Projects we integrated CRM systems with Call Center system. We have achieved results satisfying both Customers almost every time. With good base and properly prepared Project, in some cases results exceeded Customer’s expectations. As the service concerns the base of existing Customers, it should be performed by a trusted Partner who has suitable knowledge and experience.

As practice shows, most Customers realise such Project by their own means. Yet, quite often participation of an external Partner in such Project may significantly improve the results.

Cross selling has one more huge advantage. The researches show that the more products or services a Customer buys, the lower is the risk of choosing competitive offers. For example, Customers that posses at least 4 products of a given bank don’t tend to change the bank.