Basing on our or Customer’s bases, we reach decision-makers and arrange business meetings. Usually, it is a long-lasting process. It requires good preparation and training of a Team, as well as many contacts with potential Customer.

This service includes:

  • Choice of profiled base
  • Gaining information and contacts about the decision-maker from reception and/or secretariat
  • The first discussion with the decision-maker
  • Sending personalised offer
  • The second discussion with the decision-maker – some cases require conducting many discussions
  • Setting the data and place of business meeting
  • Verifying quality of the arranged meeting
  • Passing a base of arranged meetings and reports on an ongoing basis

Proper preparation of the Project requires lot of time, necessary for arranging the Project and training the Team.

Because we don’t charge any fees for preparing the Project, we realise only permanent Projects for big sales Teams.