We have at our disposal high-performance systems for SMS sending.
System capacity is 100 messages per second, which is 360 000 messages per hour.

The system covers over 800 mobile networks in 160 countries. It is directly connected to networks of all operators in Poland, which guarantees high effectiveness and timeliness of deliveries.

For the SMS campaigns purposes, we have huge potential of mobile phone numbers base. 22 million numbers for B2C market, and 3 million numbers for B2B market. The bases allows you to precisely reach every target market according to defined criteria.

We realise two types of SMS sending:

  • ECO campaigns (no overwriting)
  • PRO campaigns (with an overwriting)

SMS ECO is a message sent from random 9-digit phone number.

SMS PRO is a message sent with an alphanumeric overwriting, that is with specified sender ID field, i.e. message subject. The field contains up to 11 symbols.

The system has unique and crucial technical functionality. As far as PRO messages are concerned, you can get unique number or numbers on which your Customers can text you back. PRO messages are suitable for promotions that requires subscriber’s reply. Combining incoming and outgoing messages allows you to immediately interact with the recipients of the mobile campaigns. Conducting personalised conversation with your Customers makes them feel taken care of and appreciated. This guarantees much better results.

Before every big campaign, we check our phone number bases with a HLR system. This allows us to exclude from the base those phone numbers that are permanently or temporary disconnected from the network, reducing the costs and improving the results of the campaign.

After the campaign, the Customer receives reports that include analyses automatically generated from the system. On that basis, we define optimal target market for your Company and recommend optimal criteria for the choice of the records, and also indicate the most effective bases.

We provide an autonomous sending system for the Companies that make frequent detaches.  For example, departments of a supermarket chain, which organise many promotions, may independently send SMS messages to their Customers.

Competitive advantages and benefits for our Customers:

  • Efficient system for mass SMS sending
  • Huge potential of Companies and Individuals phone numbers bases
  • Verifying the numbers with the HLR system
  • Flexibility of sending: independently or through us
  • Individual numbers to receive a reply
  • Personalised, direct and immediate interaction with every Customer
  • Access to many functions, e.g. key words or automatic replies
  • Immediate service and processing of incoming messages
  • Service directly connected with SMSC, no risk of SIM card malfunction
  • Gathering and keeping all replies in an inbox
  • Passing the replies in form of e-mails or directly in the application by API

Attractive and competitive prices in all forms of cooperation.