Depending on the needs and preferences of our Customers, we work in various business models.

Models of cooperation:

  • Sending realised by us, basing on the potential of our bases: (21 million B2C accounts and 2 million B2B accounts)
  • Sending realised by our Customers, basing on their potential or on our bases
    Sending are realised according to proper consents.
    If there are any missing e-mail addresses or consents in some of our Customer’s bases, we help to gather the lacking information.

For the purposes of every campaign, we profile every base using key criteria.

For B2C bases those criteria are for example: age, sex, localisation, size of family, age of children, income per capita or per household, material status, mobile phone operator, information concerning health, hobbies.

For B2B bases those criteria are for example: industry, size of a company, localisation, prosperity of the micro-localisation of the company’s headquarters.

After each sending, we prepare reports on the conducted campaign.

We analyse results according to the profiles of the bases, type of promotion and creation.

Mailing is performed in a safe way and according to applicable laws.

We provide a system for independent mailing or gaining information from a website or intelligent communication with the Customers.

We have at our disposal high-performance mailing systems. We recommend the following systems:

  • e-mail sending system
  • e-mail sending system + SMS
  • e-mail sending system + CRM
  • e-mail sending system + CRM + website traffic monitoring
  • e-mail sending system + CRM + website traffic monitoring + SMS

We recommend systematic and cyclic sending, including:

  • Knowledge delivery
  • News
  • Information about promotions
  • Customer survey
  • Vouchers distribution
  • Sending acknowledgements
  • Sending reminders
  • Birthday wishes
  • Regular cyclic sending (everyday, every week or every two weeks, every month)
  • Behavioural bases – an advert adjusted to preferences of the Internet user
  • Remarketing – deliveries to people that have visited the website or the shop
  • Winning back lost Customers
  • Additional sale concerning existing Customers
  • Systems that allow to automatically create advanced reports and analyses.
  • We help to generate profiled leads from the websites and in automatic communication
  • We also help to create Statues for gathering data from the website
  • We search for dedicated systems concerning individual needs of our Customer
  • We help in gathering and keeping replies
  • We identify Customers and potential Customers visiting the websites
  • Basing on the cookies and unique API, we search for leads and contact data

We help to design automatic processes for communication with the Customers.