Sales Support and Loyalty Building System (WSiBL System)

We put on our Customer’s website a dedicated system along with the Statue to BD creation in a digital way.  The programme enables the Customer to gather and correct the data with possibility to unsubscribe by the login and the password. It allows to fully integrate and automate marketing activities.

Main modules and functionalities of the System:

  1.  Customers Base – the module automatically builds the Customers Base. It gathers contacts and all information about Customers in a place of first purchase / service.
  2. Update and deletion of the data – the system allows the Customers to autonomously update and delete their data through the website, individual login and password.
  3. Loyalty module – motivates the Customers to bigger and more often purchases.
    The programme is very intuitive. It doesn’t even require a computer on a place of the sale. It automatically creates a gallery of awards and personal profiles of the customers. It will also contact the Clients to inform them and to motivate them to take action.
  4. Free advertising– a special module that encourages the Customers to put the adverts on their Facebook profiles. Each user of this portal has averagely over 100 friends reading everything that was put on that person’s wall. The advert of your Company will reach thousands of people for free.
  5. Independent setting of promotion and rewards – the functionality of the system allows the Company to autonomously set and exchange value of a purchase for points, e.g. PLN 1 = 1 point. Then, you can set certain benefits that the Customers may achieve for specified number of points. It is based on the fact that the Company knows what the Customers need. Functionality of the system allows to gain such information from the Customers. It also an additional form of marketing that the Customers love. Using that knowledge, the Company prepares the most motivating rewards for the Customers.
  6. Customer Survey – this module automatically gather Customers’ opinions on the quality of the services. This type of information is crucial for the future development of every company. It allows to gather recommendations that may be helpful in promotion and convincing the sceptics. Though, this functionality enables to catch signs of dissatisfaction and to repair possible mistakes on time. Positive opinions are automatically presented on the website. True recommendations are the best way of convincing.
  7. Recommendation System – special recommendation system allows to reach new Customers through Facebook, e-mail and direct contacts.
  8. Vouchers – what the Customers love the most. A voucher is the best way to encourage a potential Customer.
  9. Acknowledgements – the module automatically sends the acknowledgements after finalising the transaction. Additionally, it reminds about rewards and motivate to further participation and shopping. It will also encourage to recommend the Company and to public it on the Facebook. As we know, acknowledgements are very important in creating a sense of loyalty.
  10. Reminds – in case of prolonged lack of activity of a given Customer, the module reminds about the Offer and motivate to repeat purchase.
  11. Birthday wishes – the module guarantees that the Company will never forget about the Customer’s birthday.
    Every morning the system checks which Customers have birthday and send the wishes, prepared before by you. Moreover, special points may be awarded as a gift.
  12. Winning back lost Customers – a special module that allows to identify persons that stopped doing purchases / using services of the Company and think about competitive offers !
    By indicating threats, you can keep the Customer for much longer time.
  13. Promoters – the system selects a group of the most active Customers advertising the Company
    and recommending it to their friends. It gives the Company a powerful marketing possibilities and a permanent source of new Customers.
  14. VIP Customers – less than 20% of the Customers generates 80% of the income. The system selects the most valuable Persons in terms of transactions and the total value of the Customer. The system suggests those Customers that should be taken care of.
  15. Folders and leaflets – this system is the only one that may by easily integrated with printed advertising materials. It allows to reach the Customers not only via the Internet, but also in places where the adverts are put and the leaflets are handed out.
  16. Facebook – thanks to the system, attractiveness and effectiveness of your fan page increases. The Customers can check their points directly on the Facebook. They can also get ideas for interesting posts and engaging users thanks to the opinions and the rewards gallery.
  17. Interactive Customer Card- a unique Customer card, through a special code and a smartphone, displays account’s balance, enabling to browse the rewards and to send recommendations.
  18. Website – a whole loyalty system and reaching new Customers may be quickly integrated with Company’s website. The Customers have an access to the panel where their can see their points and to the recommendation system, directly from your website.
  19. Full integration with the Company – all the marketing channels may be easily integrated with this functionality of the System. It means that the integration will significantly improve effectiveness of your Company’s marketing.
  20. Your own rules – the system allows you to define a separate set of principles for the Customers in each campaign. High flexibility and functionality of the system guarantees spectacular results during the campaign, and also months after the campaign is finished.