Experience and know how

Our Team has been supporting the potential and current market leaders for over 20 years. We have gained experience by implementing Solid Projects with more than 40 companies from the TOP 100 Ranking of the largest companies in Poland and about 1 000 companies from various industries.

Our experience covers all forms of direct communication combined with the Internet, we specialize in projects with large target groups. We work most often with clients whose target audience numbers range from several hundred thousand million in millions.
We skillfully combine the potential, experience and know-how: the customer, our and our proven partners. This creates a good potential for optimal development of our client’s business.

Customers are eager to benefit from our experience in implementing integrated processes: sales support, customer acquisition and customer service, cross-selling and up-selling, customer retention (anti-churn), and a very important Customer Satisfaction Survey.
After the test phase, we are systematically implementing successive measures and proven, modern IT systems supporting sales. They are helpful to increase lead and customer acquisition results.

Large customer experience and external customer observation makes it easier for us to improve our business and development in a shorter time.
That is why, with constant cooperation with us, we are 100% guaranteed to improve the key KPIs.