Currently, companies tends to extend their databases. This is why we perform deduplication in many Projects. Professional deduplication should be performed on standardised databases.

The quality has a key role in communication with Customers.

For reputation reasons and due to costs optimisation within the specific Project, only one information at time should reach a receiver.

Deduplication should include our own bases, as well as external bases. While deduplicating with external bases, it is vital to assure safety both for the company and the bases providers. For many years activities on bases were performed due to so-called match codes. Currently, this process is very often realised on the basis of MD 5 hashes. Every standardised phone number or e-mail address may be hashed. A hash is a sequence of 32 symbols (letters and digits).

Hashed bases are deduplicated. Depending on the needs, we add or remove records.

This service includes:

  • Bases standardisation
  • Cleaning
  • Segmentation due to specific target markets
  • Records hashing or creating match codes
  • Deduplication of bases

Preparing result bases for the needs of specific campaigns.