You can achieve the best results using your own bases. It concerns not only databases of existing Customers, but also bases of former and potential Customers, i.e. Leads. This is way it is so important to supplement the bases.

The service is conducted according to applicable laws. In some cases adding one piece of information, e.g. new form of contact, enables us to realise bigger, new and effective Project.

Adding vital information, e.g. concerning prosperity, may multiply final results.

Basing on the cookies and IP addresses (with appropriate consent), may help to identify potential Customer, creating sales Lead. Bases of this type convert much better than cold bases.

How do we help to enrich the bases of our Customers?

  • We gather bases and information spread across the company of our Customer
  • We help to collect information from our Customer’s website
  • We make use of our bases, as well as bases of our Partners that contain contacts and crucial information
  • We use information from the Internet
  • We deduplicate Customer’s bases with specialist bases
  • We launch dedicated Projects
  • We obtain consents
  • We study customer’s satisfaction rate
  • We gather information Customer’s needs and preferences
  • We tag the bases according to the profile of the target market