Our Team has for many years create and administrate many databases. Additionally, we have worked with thousands of our Customers’ bases. We focus on a high security level and high quality concerning defining and maintaining specific operation standards.  It may be achieved by agreeing with the Customer defined standards of the base. Ongoing quality assurance guarantees the best possible results. The applied procedures guarantees safety of our Customer’s data. We are constantly monitoring changes in legislation. We have Data Security Administrator.

In this respect, we:

  • Create dedicated applications
  • Build bases
  • Scan data sheets
  • Update the base on an ongoing bases
  • Extend the bases
  • Deduplicate the bases
  • Analyse the data
  • Tag particular records
  • Generate result bases
  • Keep surveys and source data
  • Search and delete records from the base, accordingly to the system
  • Keep back up copies

Additionally, we offer many other services.