We have our own business database called Effect. It may be used in every form of communication, i.e. Call Centre, SMS sending, Direct Mail, mailing. Unique information include: newly established companies, exact registration date of the company, contact persons, prosperity of the micro-localisation of the company’s headquarters.

Size of our B2B base.

The base contains 3.4 million records, 2.2 million decision-makers and over 50 million crucial pieces of information.

We have over 3.2 million addresses for posting parcels.

For mailing purposes, we have over 0.8 million e-mail addresses.

We posses 2.2 million phone numbers for telemarketing purposes.

For SMS sending, we have 1.1 million mobile phone numbers.

Selection criteria.

Result Potential Customers bases may be categorised according to following criteria:

type of communication, localisation, industry according to 2- or 5-digit PKD or EKD code, employment (14 levels of employment), ownership or legal form, prosperity, decision-makers.

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