What do we do?


We work in integrated marketing. As defined by American Association of Advertising, our Customers conceptualise strategic goals they want to achieve, and our Team adjusts proper and diversified marketing tools. Through coordinated and cooperative actions we seek to boost an effect desired by our Customer.

We specialise in mobile marketing. Projects concerning data bases are our scope of activity. We possess our own B2B (Business 2 Business) type data bases that cover over 3.4 million potential Customers. We also have at our disposal B2C (Business 2 Customer) type data bases covering over 50 million records.

Our Team is highly experienced in creating and improving our Customer’s databases. According to the applicable laws, we work to safely update the databases of our Customers. We professionally manage and administrate multimillion bases.

Our services particularly include: working on Customer’s databases, leasing of databases and information, sales support and Customer service. We also manage all types of direct communication and realise mass SMS sending, mailing and Direct Mail. Thanks to our huge experience on realisation of projects for the market leaders, we organise professional telemarketing. We skillfully blends different forms of communication with Customers of our Customers. We also identify decision-makers, generate leads, set up phone calls and business meetings.

With so-called co-sponsoring method, we create sales leads in dedicated Projects. New database records are gained through co-registration or our own Projects.

We have really good understanding of innovative systems supporting marketing and sales activities. After defining our Customer’s needs, we recommend suitable platform to develop the business.

Through cooperation with our Partners, we also help our Customers to reduce costs of Customer Service. Quickly and promptly, we send domestic and international parcels with an access to a sender panel that enables to you to follow the process. We help to significantly reduce costs of sending parcels to many countries around the world. We also have many other effective solutions that enables our Customers to reduce costs.

Basing on a unique know-how, we execute a customer satisfaction survey. You can compare results of your company to the results of the competition. At the same time, we help you with reaching new Customers, increasing sales and Customer service.
We also support our Customers in improving their KPIs, e.g. frequency and value of the purchase, churn decrease. We influence other crucial indicators that are important for our Customers.

We prefer win : win model of cooperation. We invite our Customers to test our potential. After completing the test, we conclude framework Agreements.

Our advantages


It is important for us to get to know strategic goals of our Customer. We gain knowledge about services or products and other advantages of our Customers. We learn about our Customer’s potential concerning existing bases, sales department and Customer service. We are experienced in all kinds of direct communication. Our services are realised comprehensively. For many market leaders, we realised Projects concerning sales support and Customer service. We plan actions and results and realise Projects that aim to generate possible highest incomes with budged defined by our Customers. Such results may be achieved only with mutual trust, combining our know-how and experience with our Customer’s potential. We provide a guarantee on all services.

This is way cooperation with us is professional, effective and safe.

Experience of the Team


Our Team of Managers possesses innovative know-how and 20-year experience on working with Projects concerning reaching, servicing and building relationships with Customers.

We have worked on many Projects connected with databases for 40% of the market leaders from the TOP 100. As we like what we do, every Project is realised with passion and enthusiasm.  We have pleasure to support many innovative Projects. Some of our innovative solutions where introduced in Poland for the first time. Some of them became a new standard in the industry.

We constantly seek and learn new methods. We also have our own effective, unique in the world, solutions.

Challenging task is what make us excited. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than exceeding Customer’s expectations, as well as Customer’s satisfaction and recommendation of our services.

Case Study


Our Team of Managers participated in creation of concepts and work in many Projects, e.g.:

Case Study 1

Project: Internet locator service zumi.pl

Customer: onet.pl (with the consent of the Customer)

Scope of services:  creating an effective plan for zumi.pl Project in terms of gaining additional information from potential Customers of zumi.pl and obtaining consents on putting companies on zumi.pl website.
Providing the Effect base for the Project and supplementing an initial collection with other databases. Conversations with a group of over 1.5 million people managing companies for 12 months. Adjusting bases according to EKD and dividing them into 20 000 product groups. Updating the base by telephone, gaining additional information about leading products of every company and obtaining consents on putting the companies on the zumi.pl website.

Effects: Obtaining over 1 million consents from the companies interested in putting them on the zumi.pl website.
The portal has over 4 million users. Income growth dynamics is (30 – 50)% per year. It is one of highly profitable Projects in onet.pl group – data collected in 2012.

Case Study 2

Project: Partnership cross selling project

Customer:  Bank PKO BP and Amplico Life (currently MetLife Amplico) with both companies’ consent

Scope of services: up selling of credit cards for the Customers of the bank and reaching new Customers for Amplico Life.

Size of the Project: the whole Project concerned the base of few several hundred thousands of existing PKO BP Customers.

Effects: up selling 36,9% credit cards and reaching 20% (for the base) and 26,6% (to the conversations)
new Customers for the insurer. Our Team has not only doubled Customer’s expectation, but also achieved the best result among 3 outsourcing Call Center companies chosen for the Project.

The Project is described in “Marketing Bezpośredni, Koncepcje, Zarządzanie, Instrumenty” by Mariusz Trojanowski, PhD.

Case Study 3

Project: Sales support of Participation Certificates

Customer: PKO BP Bank’s Head Office

Scope of services: advising concerned with gaining Customers trust, organising and servicing of all form of direct communication with the Customers, organising a lottery, awarding prizes after paying the registration duties by the laureates.

Effects: 96% of 27 million eligible persons (adults) have bought the participation certificates. 25.9 million participation certificates have been sold.

Case Study 4

Project: mailing three-dimensional materials with personalised credit card.

Goal: reaching Customers for an Internet product

Customer: Bank

Scope of services: choice of potential Customers and granting licenses for the B2C type base, printing three-dimensional leaflets and envelopes, detailed personalisation and mailing with tracking option.

Quantity: 100 000 pieces

Effects: detailed results are unknown, as the Bank did follow ups with the use of its own Call Center.

What should be highlighted, is the fact that the Project involved preparing high quality materials with complicated personalisation.

Case Study 5

Project: generating Profiled Leads and arranging business meetings with prominent investors

Goal: increasing number of B2C investors

Customer: financial industry company

Scope of services: preparing profiled base of people earning more than PLN 12 000 net per month. Managing the Project which aim was to draw the potential Customer’s attention to an investment with a value of at least PLN 12 000. Passing the data about potential Customers to our Customer’s Sales Department.

Effects: The Sales Department didn’t manage the service. After the test period, the Customer expressed a desire for long-lasting cooperation.

Case Study 6

Project: Reaching new Customers and building relations.

Customer: a company from the motor insurance market.

Scope of services: providing a base, generating leads, reaching Customers, building relations. Measuring Customers’ satisfaction. Services up selling.

Effects: After 3 months of cooperation, we have reached 100% of expected sale goal defined by the Customer. After 12 months of cooperation, we have realised 200% of the goal. And after 24 months of continuous cooperation, we have reached 300% of the sale goal in some months.

We have helped the Customer to build very good relations with his customers and the whole market.
Most of the Customers of our Customer consider his customer service the best. This resulted in significant reduction of costs concerned with reaching new Customers.
Income growth dynamics was (60-70) %. Dynamics of profitability have been increasing quarterly. The company has systematically and dynamically increased its market share.

Case Study 7

Project: several Partnership cross selling Projects

Customer:  Bank and a Company from the life insurance market

Scope of services: up selling Bank’s products and reaching new Customers for the insurance company.

Effects: The effects for the Banks usually exceeded 20% and sometimes even 30%, and for the insurance companies we usually achieved the following effects:

On the base of existing Customers of the Bank having bad relationships – from 3% to 6%

On the base of existing Customers of the Bank having good and very good relationships – from 10% to 20% in relation to conducted conversations.

Case Study 8

Project: systematic granting licences on the bases.

Customer: from an insurance market

Scope of services: providing profiled B2C and B2B bases, providing updated bases, providing Profiled Leads. Projects with deduplication and records management used in former campaigns.

Quantity: every year we have been granting a license for a base with several hundred thousands potential Customers.

Effects: During many years of cooperation with the Relations Marketing Team, the Customer still uses high quality bases. Including newly gained records. It is possible to reach 5-10 times better results on the updated bases and leads.

Case Study 9

Project: Advising and sales support.

Customer: Publishing company – a leader on Polish and European markets.

Scope of services: reaching B2B Customers, up selling, Customer service. Realising many tasks
concerning the Customer.

Effects: During several years of cooperation, the Customer, with our Team’s support, has achieved much better results than the competitive companies. For example, we have achieved 2-3 times longer end Customer’s life comparing to an average results in the industry (10 years ago). During that period (last 10 years), an average Customer’s life in competitive companies was over 3 times shorter than an average result in the industry (10 years ago). We have helped to significantly increase ARPU. Incomes and profitability of the Customer have been increasing annually.

Case Study 10

Project: arranging business meetings

Customer: a company leading in the direct selling industry

Scope of services: providing bases, arranging meetings, up selling, Customers surveys

Effects: After nearly a year of cooperation with our Team, the Customer have increased number of distributors. An income has increased by couple of dozens percents comparing to the last year. Before beginning of the cooperation, Customer’s income was about PLN 100 million, and in the year of cooperation the income was about PLN 150 million.
Consequently, we have planned to double an income in the next three years.

Case Study 11

Project: complex support concerning communication with Customers.

Customer: a company from the telecommunications industry

Scope of services:  Making the Customers being loyal, reaching new Customers. Anti-churn actions. Modifying Agreements with the Customers by phone for the company overtaking Customer’s business.

Effects: During an intensive cooperation with our Team, the Customer has achieved:

The cooperation has increased an income from few million to few milliards.

During last two years of cooperation, we have achieved a significant churn reduction and increased Customer’s mark-up to over 25%.

Case Study 12

Project: advising, providing the base, reaching and retaining the Customers and increasing their value

Customer: a newly established company from the telecommunications services industry

Scope of services: comprehensive service concerning communication with the Customers, including supervising couriers receiving Agreements signed by the Customers. Realisation of the Customer’s strategic projects.

Quantity: in 10 years we have reached about 1 million new Customers.

Effects: During the first five years, our Customer have achieved the biggest (over 4%) share in a local communication structure, taking into consideration very high competitiveness on the telecommunications service market. Quality and effects of our services has scored high assessments in the Customer’s independent research.  It is worth highlighting that in that time the Executive Board in the company has changed 3 times. Our Team realised the most important Projects.

Case Study 13

Project: Hotline service, providing databases, dispatches. Services provided
for few years, from the beginning of the telecommunications market liberalisation.

Goal: generating leads based on phone calls with Potential Customers who considered changing their telecommunications operator.

Customer: a company leading on the Polish telecommunications market

Scope of services: organisation and service of the hotline, providing information and enhancing the Customer to choose our Customer’s services. Properly encouraged potential Customer (Lead) was processed to sales department of out Customer in order to sign an agreement.
Providing bases to reach the Customers and to plan strategic investments of our Customer.

Quantity: basing on the leads provided by us, 60 marketers working in the Customer’s CC didn’t manage to service interested Potential Customers.

Effects: our services influences an increase in the market share in the fifth year of the cooperation by 88% comparing to the last year.  

Case Study 14

Project: Paszporty Polsatu

Customer: a digital television company

Scope of services: advising, building databases, daily deduplication of the very big base,
managing the base. Providing bases to business Partners, always with a consent of the base Owner.

Effects: Building a base with 1.7 million records in two months.

Cyfrowy Polsat -, hotline creation and service. In first two months, we have helped the Customer to reach 100 000 Customers. In a short time, Cyfrowy Polsat became an unquestionable leader in the digital television industry.

Case Study 15

Project: Launching a new product on the market.

Customer: a digital television company

Scope of services: advising. Training a Team of 500 people to service the hotline.
Hotline service. Organising cyclic multi-component and personalised dispatches.
Verifying potential Customers in terms of creditworthiness.  Cross selling and up selling Organising and servicing loyalty programmes, including organising purchase processes and installing antennas on roofs. Anti-churn actions. Increasing number and value of the Customers.

Quantity: with our support, in a first quarter, the Customer have reached 100 000 end Customers.

Our initial and further actions have contributed to reaching over 3 million end Customers.

Effects: Help in becoming a leader on the Polish market and one of the biggest companies in the EU market.

Case Study 16

Project: Advisory service Project realised in a form of a Call Centre within the framework of Business Activity Central Register and Information Record (CEIDG) for the Ministry of Economy. Result: 100%.

Goal: high quality service concerning providing information for the employees of the Economy Department who have been registering new companies in CEIDG and providing information to the end Users, i.e. the companies that wanted to be registered by the CEIDG system.

Customer: The Ministry of Economy.

Target market: City and Municipality Offices, Companies, Private Entrepreneurs.

Scope of services: providing additional information by Hotline Call Center service to the Officials servicing the Project, Economic Entities and Private Entrepreneurs concerning the new digital Project.

Effects: Helping the Ministry of Economy in launching the Project, so that from 1 July 2011 every entrepreneur may register a company via Internet using a CEIDG form. At tender stage, our company has scored 100/100 possible points. Launching a hotline and gaining extensive knowledge by the Consultants in a relatively short time was conducted very efficiently. Project assessment was very high.

This Project was awarded with an EU award for the best digitalisation Project.

Case Study 17

Project: Updating and extending a whole base of existing Customers of European Leasing Fund (ELF) at the moment of overtaking by Credit Agricole.

Customer: European Leasing Fund

Scope of services: Updating and extending the whole EFL base was based on asking the EFL Customers 12 questions.
One of the questions concerned financial results of the Customer.

Effects: Our Team was selected on the basis of a call for tender out of 12 companies (and after tests of 6 companies
that qualified to the second stage of the tender).
In result, we have updated about 90% of the base.
What is particularly important, only several companies (less than 0.02%) have asked for deletion their data from the base, and over 80% of the EFL Customers have provided data concerning their financial results.

Case Study 18

Project: Arranging business meetings in the framework of Leasing “0“ Project.

Goal: achieving as big sale level as possible and comparing the results from 3 different marketing models: advertising in the press, direct mail and Call Center.

Customer: European Leasing Fund and ATA International

Scope of services: Arranging meetings with Marketers of ATA International’s Customer across the entire territory of Poland.
The products was office and production equipment financed with EFL leasing.

Effects: active CC communication occurred to be the most effective form of communication, much better than advertising in the press and direct mail (which were combined).
with the hotline. The effects have exceeded Customer’s expectations.

Case Study 19

Project: generating Profiled Leads

Customer: agency providing Profiled Leads for many leasing companies

Scope of services: generating Profiled Leads

Effects: providing highly Profiled Leads with information about a subject of the leasing, e.g. brand, model, value, data of purchase and many other valuable information.

Case Study 20

Project: Comprehensive service of a big loyalty Programme,

Goal: high quality service and effects with the Customers filling their tanks with fuel.

Customer: world leader on the fuels and greases market.

Scope of services: creating a programme adjusted to the Polish market. Creating a base, targeted and personal communication with drivers. Ordering and sending rewards. Monitoring all the processes.

Effects: in the third year of the Programme, our Customer has achieved 154% of the income growth dynamics comparing to the last year.

The Polish market was fifth in Europe. Our Team has comprehensively service the whole Project. On the other markets, there were always 2 companies realising the services. We have serviced this Project for the longest time among the companies chosen in Europe.

Case Study 21

Project: generating Profiled Leads and arranging Business Meetings

Goal: sales support with the best possible results.

Customer: electricity supplier.

Scope of services: preparing databases, organising Call Center operation, supervising results and the whole process, consulting.

Effects: the effects have exceeded Customer’s expectations. The effectiveness of the meetings has exceeded 90%.

Case Study 22

Project: granting licenses for B2B DB.

Customer: Call Center.

Scope of services: each month we provide records for newly established companies. Additionally, the base is double deduplicated. Grace period management.

Effects: on the newly gained records, the Customer has achieved 2-3 times better results comparing to other DB.

Case Study 23

Project: building databases, arranging phone calls and business meetings

Goal: reaching new Customers and significant increase in sales dynamics.

Customer: one of the biggest logistics companies in the USA.

Scope of services: Adding new information to the Customer’s base and adding a Profiled base from our resources. In this Project we have reaching target persons, direct contact (name, position, phone number, e-mail address). We have also studied potential and needs of the companies. We have been arranging phone calls and business meetings.

Effects: we have gained a huge number of leads for the Customer. We have arranged a lot of phone calls and about 3% of the business meetings. Our work significantly influenced operating of the whole Sales Department.

Case Study 24

Project: granting licenses for B2B DB.

Goal: enriching a website with contact data to over 75% of the companies from the medical industry.

Customer: one of the biggest pharmaceutical groups in the market.

Scope of services: we provided about 60 000 profiled companies contact data.  We informed all the companies about inclusion of their data and advertising them on an indicated website. Managing the whole process of communication with the end Users.

Effects: during the cooperation, there was a significant increase in website traffic, measured in hundreds.

Case Study 25

Project: granting licences for B2C DB

Customer: highly specialised Call Center from the market of medical services sales support.

Scope of services: providing profiled and targeted B2C base, e.g. according to localisation, age in indicated proportions in a particular parts of the country. Grace period management.

Effects: reaching a lot of Profiled Leads with results better than with use of other DB.

Case Study 26

Project: sales support.

Goal: generating Profiled Leads

Customer: one of the leaders both on the Polish and European market.

Scope of services: generating a lot of PL and dynamic development of the cooperation in 2016.

Working on the most effective model of cooperation. Systematic providing high quality PL on the monthly basis, with a lot of important information from the Customers, including: defining preferred term of the test drive and CC Consultant contact.

Effects: significant growth in cooperation – about 1 000 PL per month.

Growth in effectiveness of meetings arranged by the Customer’s CC. This value is almost 100%.

Case Study 27

Project: arranging test drives

Customer: Kulczyk Tradex

Scope of services: arranging test drives for the first Audi Quatro in Poland. The meetings were arranged via traditional mailing. We have sent about 12 000 packages.

Effects: we have arranged 997 test drives. The dealers didn’t manage to service such a big number of potential Customers. The Project was a huge success.

Case Study 28

Project: granting licences for B2B DB and mailing services,

Goal: reaching new Customers and selling new cars.

Customer: Dealer of a big automotive manufacturer

Scope of services: we provided a base, prepared a marketing conception based on sending vouchers with a value of PLN 1 000 and comprehensively realised mailing of 20 000 packages.

A group of 5 Marketers of the dealer didn’t manage to service the hotline.

Effects: all cars were sold in a short period of time.

Case Study 29

Project: hotline service.

Customer: from the automotive industry.

Scope of service: long-lasting hotline service.

Effects: in that period, the Customer has increased his market share.

He moved up from the second dozen to the top 10 of the best car dealers in Poland. He moved up by approx. 10 positions.

Case Study 30

Project: granting licences for B2B DB.

Customer: from the automotive industry.

Scope of services: multiple actions concerning providing BD, dispatches, telemarketing and Customer survey. Our Customer has experienced high growth in Customers satisfaction and dynamic increase in the market share.

Effects: Status of one of the 10 biggest passenger car dealers in Poland. While cooperating with us, the Customer has moved three places up. Customer service quality of our Customers has been assessed by the end Users as one of the best. In this respect, the Customer was rated among top three companies out of about 50 car dealers.

Case Study 31

Project: preparing and realising an innovative conception of direct communication with potential donors for a public benefit organisation.

Goal: increasing number of donors and reducing costs of reaching them.

Customer: the biggest agency in Europe supporting works of a benefit public organisation.

Scope of services: realising many integrated Projects concerning e.g. providing the DB, preparing conversation scripts, pre call and after call service, generating PL.

Effects: help in reducing about 50% of the costs of reaching the donors. Reaching over 100 000 donors.

Case Study 32

Project: Comprehensive building and servicing Customers Database

Customer: supermarket chain

Scope of services: Comprehensive building and servicing the Customers Database of the supermarket chain. DB standardisation and archiving.  Monetisation of the base. Maintaining high quality.

Effects: long-lasting cooperation. Achieving much better results in the DB monetisation comparing to the costs concerning building and servicing the base, as well as the Customer lottery.